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Business Practices


SPS has a training focused culture. Our organisation encourages all of our operators to undertake professional development training. We offer traineeship's to all staff - over a quarter of our workforce have achieved a Certificate III qualification. Our management team undertakes continuous educational programs in order to stay abreast of the latest business and industry specific developments. The majority of our management team have been awarded Bachelor Degrees, with some going on to achieve post graduate qualifications.


Environmental Management

At SPS we care about our impact on the environment.

As part of our commitment to sustainability, we review all "End of life outcomes" in all areas throughout the business.  This includes assessing and recording our carbon footprint, where ever possible, then offsetting them through third party companies such as "Carbon Neutral".

SPS aligns themselves with like minded suppliers of goods and services who can provide the necessary services.  This alignment also gives us the opportunity to assess, collate and provide environmental reports through to clients upon request.  It also allows us to record environmental performance at a site by site level.

To this end SPS has adopted and achieved third party certification in ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems - as a basis for its Environmental Management System (EMS)


Quality Management

At SPS we are committed to the continual improvement of services that we provide to meet the customers needs.

In brief our goal is to maintain the highest level of quality and reliability at the lowest possible cost.  To do this we have introduced:

  • Scheduled site quality inspections by our managers with our clients;
  • Scheduled internal auditing to assess performance; and
  • A self assessment audit program to ensure we do what we say and that it meets or exceeds the requirements of legislation as well as any other requirements that we may subscribe to.

SPS is pro-active in pursuing quality objectives in all of our business activities through our continuous improvement and future focus programs.

To this end SPS has adopted ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems - as a basis for its own Quality Management System (QMS)


Risk Management

SPS recognises that the health, safety and welfare of employees are of primary importance and ranks it equally with all other financial and operational considerations (internal & external).

We aim to, through our effective risk management strategies, minimise those things that may negatively impact upon all our stakeholders' interests.  As part of this we have developed comprehensive risk management plans that govern all aspects of our organisation.  The aim of the SPS risk management platform is to prevent any injury/illness or damage to internal or external parties.

SPS has established an Occupational, Health, Safety & Environmental (OHS&E) committee comprising of non management voluntary staff, and is held four times a year.

The OHS&E Committee brings employee and management together in a neutral venue to discuss & resolve any issues and promote OHS&E throughout the Company. It is the Committee’s role to take a proactive approach in assisting SPS to develop and implement the best possible OH&S policies, plans and procedures for eliminating or minimising the occupational risks that are inherent in the business.

To this end SPS has adopted AS/NZS 4801 Occupational Health & Safety Management System - as a basis for our Safety Management System (SMS)