Sharman Property Services is a Contract Cleaning Company committed to the protection of the environmental. This can be achieved by continually improving our environmental performance, preventing pollution, and minimising and controlling our waste in order to provide safe working and living environments.  To this end SPS has adopted ISO14001 Environmental Management System – as a basis for our EMS

In order to achieve these goals Sharman property Services will establish objectives and targets and measure our performance against them as detailed below:

  • Consider the environmental implications of all purchasing and investment decisions i.e. sustainable resource use;
  • Consider favourably suppliers of goods and services who pursue good environmental management practices;
  • Comply with all environmental regulatory requirements;
  • Establish procedures for investigating and reporting all environmental incidents and ensure that appropriate corrective actions are taken to prevent similar incidents reoccurring.
  • Provide training in our environmental management systems procedures and processes to all employees on an ongoing basis;
  • Monitor the environmental performance of individual contracts against established standards;
  • Conduct regular reviews and updates of our environmental management system to ensure the effectiveness of our objectives, procedures and processes are maintained to the highest standards; and
  • Foster throughout our business a strong environmental ethic.

This environmental policy will be reviewed each year in consultation with employees using established consultative mechanisms, and taking into account compliance obligations to all interested parties.