Quality Assurance


Sharman Property Services is a Contract Cleaning Company committed to the continual improvement of services that we provide to meet our customers’ needs.

We recognise the fact that quality is everyone’s responsibility. Our objective is to maintain the highest attainable level of quality and reliability, at the lowest practical cost. To this end Sharman Property Services has adopted ISO 9001– Quality Management Systems – Requirements as a basis for its quality system.

The training of our management and employees is fundamental to the success of our quality program. In addition we will continue to liaise closely with our suppliers of goods and services, to ensure that they provide similar attention to quality principles.

It is our intention to maintain and build on our reputation for quality by continually achieving a standard of service that complies with specifications, standards, statutory regulations and contractual obligations and by encouraging full employee involvement and commitment in the development and implementation of an exceptional quality system. We reinforce this through an underlying commitment to minimal response times in issues regarding quality.

This quality policy will be reviewed each year in consultation with employees using established consultative mechanisms, and taking into account compliance obligations to all interested parties.