Q. Why should I choose SPS as my preferred cleaning supplier?

A. SPS has the ability to remove cleaning from your ‘radar screen’. When engaging SPS our ability to pro-actively manage your site will ensure that you can concentrate on your core business activities, not cleaning complaints.

Q. How long have you been in Business?

A. SPS is a medium size family owned and operated Company who commenced operation in 1990.

Q. How do you guarantee the Quality?

A. SPS has third party accreditation in Quality Assurance, Occupational Health & Safety and Environmental Sustainability ensuring that we deliver a consistent standard of service across all sites. Rigorously managed policies and procedure facilitates the same excellence in cleaning no matter where or how big the site.

Q What customer support will I receive?

A. SPS offers 24/7 customer service via your own Customer Service Manager, electronic quality cleaning reports and fully trained staff.

Q. What geographical areas do you cover?

A. Currently we have operations throughout QLD, NSW and WA with the ability to deliver expand anywhere in Australia depending on your needs.

Q. Will I have the same cleaning provider?

A. SPS will ensure we supply a regular staff member to your premises so that there is continuity of service. In addition we will assign an Area Manager who will be responsible for the pro-active management of your site via regular inspections and client meetings.

Q. How do I pay for cleaning?

A. SPS will send out a monthly invoice and payment can be facilitated trough Credit Card, EFT, Direct debit and Cheques.